me hii everyone i’m ethan or ian~ bisexual, he masc terms piscis, intp !!

<3 <johnny ♡,bunnies, thrillers , kio & isa 👥, bad buddy, twilight saga, color pink and blue, jueun

johnny, yeonjun beomgyu, jueun

byr random tweets, spa eng although I speak more in english, i don't speak much about my life here, i’m mostly inac, dm > tl, i delete my tweets, i don't belong to any part of twt i’m not kpoper in general, just only johnny and txt supp others groups/artists

dnr -13 +19, you hate gays?, you invalidate bisexuality, radfem, you talk a lot with anime kpop or ideologies, part of edtwt idk they are weird , do not take personally my tweets

musik johnny txt