love world

mi jungwoncito 김채원, piano, naturaleza, animalitos, gg's! carrds, txt.

ako's world

about me: ako, ann o ana mexicana & quinceañera 26/01, uso los prns ella él <3

nota: me trato más como ella pero puedes hacerlo como él también !!!


please cr crditem for my codes! codes come with instructions as well!

for reference of the stan shown, visit crditem on twitter!

my codes:

estrellita menu
claris crd menu
yui menu (expand on hover)
scrollboxes on hover
novia crd menu


sanrio template by crditem
magazine template by crditem
verde template by crditem
britney template by crditem
♡彡 jump template by abracitos
futurism template by enbyself

links & more

cute links to find reources to beautify your sites!

my favorites have a heart ♡

music players

here are the music players i've recollected & made!

the glenthemes ones are here & they dont work with audios from dropbox anymore :(

meet isita!

hello im isita, isa or dante! nice to meet you.

i use any prns & ella/elle en esp

please use my code crditem when upgrading your carrd plan

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ask anything coding/carrd related here!

if you want immediate response pls contact me via twt or ccat