ako, ann o ana, 15 años, unlabeled, uso los pronombres ella él, esp/eng

links spoti rant safe place my love

byr main/priv req ok si tengo candado. hablo de cosas random y mis ults, soy algo intensa con jungwon y chaewon, no me importan las solo stan y tmp me importa "compartir" o tener el mismo bias, no estoy en ningún lado de tw, no me banco a ningún bg.(excepto txt y enhypen)

dri army insoportable, transfobico/a, mandas gore o eres sidero, no me importa de que fandom seas mientras no seas akgae o anti de mis favs, te molesta que sea solo de algunos idols, te vas a molestar si hablo de tu ult, -13 (moots ok!).

notas xfa no solo me trates de ella, no excuso a mis favs si hicieron cosas problemáticas, si te di bloq o sb probablemente fue por insoportable, uso varios apodos, tw abusos o maltratos (animal, infantil, etc), talasofobia, nsfw.

cr jibeomcito

love place txt + wjsn + stayc itzy loona aespa weeekly woo!ah! iu yukika + gg's solo renjun xiaojun

1&only yang jungwon kim chaewon ults choi beomgyu shim jayoon han jihyo


may, 19 años, unlabeled, any pronouns, esp/eng

links whi twt keonhee esp ver

byr main/side, i can say x gay idol and i don't clean searches in general, i don't care abt kpop outside my favs, my friends are before kpop, inactive sometimes, i can seem anti of certain groups by comments i make abt them but i'm not anti of anyone (except lucas and yoobin)

dri bts twice x1 lucas shotaro yoonbin stan / oneit rebooter, radfem sympathizer or some of those things, you take kpop very seriously, nctzen dreamzen 127zen unbearable etc etc (mutuals and solos ok), junho solo stan, teume ot13 :/

notes please don't just use feminine pronouns with me, i don't excuse my favs if they did problematic things, i don't care if we have something in common, if you are blocked or i gave you sb it was because surely it could not stand you anymore in the tl, if you throw hate at treasure don't even try to send me req

home 🏡 oneus + golden child + drippin treasure & onewe solo wonjin sanha lym

1&only lee keonhee + kim jibeom ults junkyu yoshinori donghyun joochan minseo wonjin